Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are an articulation of someone’s passion or sentiments, and they become something that defines the person. People love their tattoos, as they should. However, there comes a time when one may want to get a specific tattoo removed. People may decide that the tattoo no longer suits their lifestyle or doesn’t carry the same significance it once did. Tattoos are considered permanent because tattoo pigment is injected into the lower layers of the dermis (skin) and becomes sealed away by a barrier of collagen fibres. As an outcome, the ink becomes too big for the body’s immune system to get rid of naturally, so the tattoo remains on your skin.

Bodyology’s laser tattoo removal has proved to be the most suitable and cost-effective method to remove tattoos. The results for all clients contrast depending on the size, colouring, style and placement of the tattoo. Still, they will all notice quick and excellent results only in a few sessions with our unique treatment. It takes multiple sessions because the shallowest coatings of ink are first removed before the deepest ones, hence the need for multiple treatments to pierce through all the varying depths of ink in the specific tattoo. We use the AW3® ND YAG Q-switch technology laser, the best choice for removing tattoos of almost all kinds without the risk of scaring.

Q-switched lasers produce terse shots of high-energy laser light. The light is soaked by the large ink particles, inducing heat that breaks the tattoo dye into smaller particles that the body can remove.

Laybuy available on packages of 6.

We always aim to be considerate and professional, answering any questions the visitor may have before, throughout, and after the process and offering solid advice. Here at Bodyology, you should never hesitate to speak your mind and clear out any query you may have. We highly encourage it.

*We always recommend an initial inspection of the tattoo and a patch test before beginning the treatment to check the skin area for any reaction or allergy signs.

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