Laser Carbon Facial

The laser carbon facial is a skin-polishing and rejuvenating facial operated under the latest AW3 laser technology. This treatment is perfect for extracting extra oil and sebum that builds up on your skin over a period. It also minimises the appearance of large pores, which leaves the skin looking unblemished, spot-free, and refreshed after just one session.

We always advise our clients on personalised do’s and don’ts on how they can prepare their skin before undergoing the procedure. You will also be required to take a patch test before we initiate the complete treatment. The assessment will aid us in determining if your skin type is suited to go under treatment to avoid any future complications.

The whole process with the AW3 machines is dependable. The treatment is non-invasive and promotes natural healing in the body with no downtime. The carbon aids in vaporising dead skin cells and excess oils, which breaks down melanin on your skin while the laser shoots a pain-free sensation of heat, congealing the blood within the area. The delicate exfoliation of the topmost layers of the skin removes unwanted pigment and damage and helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.

We at Bodyology ensure that you’re getting the most satisfactory treatment that provides a natural way to boost collagen, balance out the tone of your skin, shrink pores and smooth out the skin texture giving off a glossy finish. With no downtime and little to no aftercare, we can guarantee you excellent results with our laser carbon facial.

*Depending on their skin’s health, some clients may experience mild redness after the procedure. The redness shouldn’t be a concern as it implies that a fair amount of heat has been pushed into the skin and is regarded as a good sign.

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