Body Jewellery

Like tattoos, Many individuals use body jewellery to enhance their beauty, honour their tradition and culture or even rebel against it. For some, body jewellery embodies prosperity, power, and class, while for others, the jewellery is simply a form of art and a creative way of self-expression. Your body jewellery expresses much about your character even without you knowing it. This is why we aim to help you find the right size, colour, shape and material that best speaks to you.

We provide body jewellery and ready-to-wear collections that enclose simple yet graceful forms roused by art, assembled environment, latest trends and the magnificence of the untamed ground. Each piece of body jewellery we offer at Bodyology is captivating to the eye. Once your piercings have healed, you can choose from our wide range of unique collections. You can find body jewellery that is classically styled for more subtle settings or those with bold jewels inserted into it that will make you stand out from the crowd. Nothing is off-limits at Bodyology, where we’ll be with you every step of the way!.

Our body jewellery is very lightweight and durable, with exceptional biocompatible and hypoallergenic properties. This means that we ensure you don’t get any adverse reaction or infection with the jewellery we offer.

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