Meet Lucy

Lucy’s journey as a body piercer began when she had a moment of sudden realisation, like a light bulb, to follow her passion and make something positive out of her life. While this was not easy at 38 weeks pregnant with her second child, Lucy decided she wanted to become a proffesional body piercer, and from that moment on Lucy has never looked back.

She officially qualified for above waist body piercing in 2013 and went on to qualify for below waist body piercing in 2015. It was like all the pieces of her life’s puzzle were coming to place. From there, it was only uphill. In 2017, Lucy gained an interest in laser tattoo removal by working in tattoo studios. She then decided to go solo and founded Bodyology the following year. Lucy has gotten her training from SkinBase and Aw3 Laser, and is driven to keep pace with the latest improvements in medical aesthetics with Bodyology. She presents therapeutic, healing and energy-based laser therapies and skincare and constantly aspires to make a personal connection with her clients.

Our mission at Bodyology

We are aware that everyone’s case is different. This is why we strive to make the process safe and most effective for all our client’s skin care requirements. Bodyology is devoted to ensuring a comfortable experience and surpassing the expectations of our clients, securing privacy and confidentiality.

We pride ourselves on staying dedicated to providing quality, certified and individualised services while upholding the highest moral paragons in all of Yorkshire. Bodyology performs with the heart values of virtue, sustainability, diversity, and compassion. We genuinely care about the needs of our clients and team, which has driven us to where we are today.

Our friendly and individualised strategy for taking care of clients guides the routine mission to provide everyone with premiere services with an unsurpassed approach in a class of its own regardless of how small or large the work is. 

We at Bodyology believe in providing a hygienic and secure environment, preserving a high level of professionalism, respectabilityand aftercare support. We use only the highest quality jewellery, sanitised equipment and machinery for all treatments. Whether you are interested in body piercing, want a tattoo removed, are contemplating IPL hair removal, or want to indulge yourself in the luxury of carbon facial or Cryopen therapy, Bodyology is the place to go!

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